Official map of earth, approved by the US Government.

Apparently us Americans are not the only ones who exist on this square we call earth. As of 2014, students are required to take or be taking this class or AP World in order to take AP HuG, since Mrs. OT grew tired of having to give freshmen a crash course in world history. Please also note that due to teacher variations, education in history class may also change.

Things you will learn Edit

  • Africa is not a country.
  • Egypt is in Africa.
  • The Far East is a strong independent subcontinent who don't need no Europeans.
  • How to vaguely draw a map of the world.
  • The Bubonic Plague saved Europe.
  • Michelangelo was hella gay and liked to sculpt naked dudes for a living
  • Christopher Columbus miiiight have raped and massacred the native peoples of the West Indies, but hey! Spices!
  • You're probably related to Genghis Khan (Khan you believe it?)
  • The pope got kidnapped (popenapped?) , and died by gnawing of his arms, and bashing in his skull.
  • Communism is bad. Why? Stalin.

    Middle Easterners come out Aryan if they're immaculately conceived, who knew!

  • Hitler was a ladies man.
  • Hitler didn't have one testicle, he wasn't gay (No thanks to you Jung!), and he didn't have a Jewish grandma that beat him. He did make some vaguely decent art.
  • History is never original.
  • Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh sucks. (This depends on the teacher you have.)
  • A good idea of where Mr. Murphy stands on the political spectrum.
  • Don't invade Russia in the winter.

Things you will not learn Edit


I'm not exactly sure how nudity is gonna be taken here but hey. Star nips.

  • Why didn't anyone in Europe wash their asses? (Religion)
  • Why are the Europeans so angry?
  • If the Dutch are so tolerant, why did they start slavery? (Capitalism)
  • Why did Napoleon think it would be a good idea to invade Russia? IN THE WINTER?
  • Why did Michelangelo think that women were just extremely muscular figures with oranges slapped to their chests? (He was a bit of a homobro)