The Wildcat Cafe is a small cafe that used to set up in West Shore's library every couple of months. Unfortunately, the Cafe has since closed by the school board for "Competing with the Cafeteria", its last year of service was in 2011.


The Cafe is probably most famous for selling hot chocolate, which is what they started out selling. It's basically the same kind of hot chocolate that you buy in the little packets and mix yourself, in a styrofoam cup. It should also be noted that the hot chocolate was extremely hot when you'd buy it, but became a lukewarm sludge by the time you've reached the bottom of the cup. Sadly, there were no marshmallows in the hot chocolate.

They also sold lemonade.


In addition to drinks, the cafe sold some pre-packaged snacks like mini-doughnuts and cinnamon rolls. Because of this, it's became a popular place to get breakfast at school, especially considering that the alternative was pretty nasty (until the muffins).


The Cafe charged a dollar for everything, which was actually a fairly decent price.