West Shore's males often find trouble dating females, due in large part to the use of corny pick up lines. In statistics collected by the Federal Dating Agency, West Shore ranks #1 in Florida for the number of nerdy lines dropped. These lines may only work for some people, but the football team has no trouble using them. STILL UNDEFEATED!

Examples Edit

  • "Hey baby, did you sit in sugar? Because your ass is sweet!"
  • "Wanna do some calculus homework together? *wink*"
  • "You know, Ms. Johnson says sex before marriage is bad...she obviously never met you."
  • "No, don't run! I swear it worked when I told mom!"
  • *takes out prepared notes*
  • "You know, I play football , we've never lost a game."
  • "Hey babe you wanna do some chemistry? Seriously Mrs. Horst is gonna kill me please teach me thermodynamics in the next twenty minutes."
  • "You're making me feel like helicase because I wanna unzip your jeans."
  • "Are you a healthy snack? 'Cuz I wanna eat you."
  • "You know, the books aren't the only thing I want to hit."
  • "Will you be my 3D waifu?"
  • "You're making me harder than APUSH."
  • "Are you made of copper and tellerium? Because you're CuTe!"
  • "Worked the first 50 times I tried"
  • "YES! Oh wait you said no."
  • "Next time I see you I'll bring my inhaler"
  • "It's summer babe, wanna do some schoolwork?"