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West Shore students often run to the nearest high school during football season, forgetting our team's more than respectable record. Many of these *cough *cough *nerds can be seen at Viera football games, being bullied by white people in golf carts. Students sometimes leave West Shore to play football, or join the marching band at other schools, again, forgetting the sheer excellence which our football team has displayed.

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The West Shore football team has remained undefeated since the school's inception. With a record of 0-0 it seems our Wildcats may never lose! The absolute flawless nature in which the football team operates has given the academic aspects of the school motivation. And you wonder why West Shore is #1 in Florida. In all seriousness, if West Shore had a football team, it would be a miracle if they did not use calculators for every play, and draw algebraic equations to calculate the best option. But really, how many schools can go undefeated for this many years?

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