WCTZ News is West Shore's daily news show. It's supposed to be shown at the beginning of 4th period every day (except for Friday, when it's shown in homeroom), but a number of teachers do not do so for a number of reasons.

Contents Edit

  • a greeting
  • the Pledge of Allegiance
  • occasional food segment that makes everyone mad it isnt power hour yet
  • Pardon the Interruption sometimes
  • Shawn (or does he spell it as Sean?) Humphry talks with a member of administration about the school's happenings for the week (on Monday)
  • "Thank you for tuning in to WCTZ News. Have a great day, Wildcats."
  • enjoyable outro music
  • the Alma Mater (during the homeroom ones), which I think we're supposed to sing, but nobody does that. It's trash.
  • Friday Not Live, created by Andrew Catti. Hurts to watch, look away when it's being played on Fridays