Sra. Marti is the Spanish 2 & 3 teacher at West Shore. Many years ago she tripped over a backpack in her class, resulting in a broken knee cap. She enjoys playing with her class by saying she's only 15, and can be really sweet. Because she is Puerto Rican, she will include her own translation of some textbook words or give an anecdote to support "fondos culturales" segments, which is great if you actually pay attention. She is an interesting, but picky teacher... Make sure you complete all the homework she assigns, cause´ there´s no leeway here (she was super easy before 2017-2018 school year, at least from my experience; gave full credit for writing random shit into homework).

Quotes Edit

  • "Rapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapidorapido"
  • Please complete assignment in silent.
  • Sentados Por Favor!
  • "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Aaaaaaaaaaaa. Eeeeeeeeeeeee."
  • "Do you understand ____?"
  • "Did I answer your question?"
  • (After 10 seconds of assigning an activity) "LISTOS? Come on guys!"

-"Yes Mrs. Marti, I was just yawning."

  • "( In monotone) BUENOS DIAS"
  • "*butchered version of any name with a nasal mutation or non-spanish accent*"
  • "Thinking about it.."
  • "I very scary now"
  • *holds up trash can and pretends to chew gum*
  • "Guys you need to study"
  • "Here says..."
  • "Shame of Mrs. Marti"
  • "Uno? Unounounouno...? Dos? Dosdosdosdos...? [continue for amount of questions]"
  • "How is gonna be?"
  • "My sweetie sweetie Victor"
  • "Backpacks go over there!"
  • "If you planning to be absent..."
  • "Seis y cuarenta y cinco es la tarde. No la noche. La noche begins a las siete. Understand?"
  • "I love Luu. Luu is my sweetie."
  • "In genital (general), ..."
  • "(while someone is answering a question) I'm sorry, but someone is having a conversation right now."
  • "why you late..."
  • who want to dance with ms marti
  • (Assigns HW*) this is for now guys

Mrs. Marti's Fears Edit

  • Backpacks
  • People who mispronounce the Spanish alphabet
  • Ripped Jeans
  • Students who forget to do their homework
  • People who can't speak Spanish
  • Thinking too hard about what language she thinks in
  • Gum
  • People coming to her classes late
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