The Spanish 2/3/4/AP teacher from Venezuela. Being in his class will impart you with Spanish telenovela knowledge and how the American education system (among other things) sucks. Making a good first impression is incredibly CRUCIAL for those in his class or else you'll be public enemy number 1 from now on. He rules with a firm hand in his Spanish Kingdom and is very liberal with his kicking-students-out-if-you-annoy-him policy (He actually does this to "Darwinize" his future Spanish classes). Many victims can be found standing outside his door.

He's pretty fun and nice when you're on his good side (You can attain this status by being a well-mannered, quiet, and studious child who participates in class and mind your P's and Q's), but since he's pretty traditionalist and from a country that actually has a system that ingrains respect for your elders and adults and whatnot, if you're on his bad side.... Prepare for suffering and a lot of praying.

In his class, you'll be treated to "La Catrina" and "Eres tú Maria", both of which he has watched probably over 50 times and give you provided commentary or point out tiny details that you may miss. Around the start of November, his Spanish 4 kids got to watch Coco. It is currently unknown whether this will be a recurring trend or a one-time thing because he loves us.

Quotes and Mannerism Edit

  • "Doctor, Doctor give me a pill..."
  • Student:*inaudible student muttering*

Mr: Martin: *zooms on in student* "What did you just say?!"

  • *abrupt laughter*
  • *twirls pen and putting it between his fingers and rocking it*
  • *smiles and bites his tongue in between his teeth*
  • "here's Johnny" *shows something on projector*
  • step outside of my classroom

Hobbies Edit

  • Weeding out the people he deems to be unsuitable to carry on Spanish knowledge
  • Putting 9th graders who loiter outside his door after dismissal in their place
  • Criticizing the american schooling system