The Banana Story Edit

There comes a time in one's life when they are forced to do stupid things by their friends. For one young man, that was April 27, 2017. This is his story.

An unnamed pale eigth grader (as of the time this is being written) and his friends were playing Uno in Mr. Peterson's room during Power Hour. Eventually, they decided that the loser would have to be punished. The punishment that day was that whoever lost would have to put as much of a banana as they can fit into their mouth, and eat it like that. This specific banana was also a bit messed up. This pale eigth grader in question ended up losing the game of Uno to yours truly, in a very close match. The +4s saved me. Anyway, the pale kid didn't want to eat the banana, but his friends made him. He ended up gagging on it, and he claims to have nearly choked. One of his friends even videotaped it. I have begun attempting to spread the word about the Banana Story, and will continue to do so.

The moral? Who said there needs to be a moral?

The Protein Bar Story Edit

This story takes place the day after the Banana Story. The same kids were playing Uno, as always, and today's punishment would be to eat a disgusting protein bar. Today, I was the victim, seeing as how I lost. I took a bite. It surprisingly wasn't that bad. But after I finished it, the aftertaste kicked in, and I almost threw up. I don't think that I'll ever eat another protein bar.

The Mystery Liquid Edit

So the Uno players are freshmen now. It's even weirder than before (debatable). One time, one of them got some donuts from the cafeteria, and at the bottom of the cup (Why were they even in a cup?) was a mysterious white liquid. As today's punishment, whoever lost had to put their hand in said liquid. The same pale kid from the Banana Story lost, but he backed out (#noballs) and left the room. Who knows what that liquid was? Will we ever know?

The Fall of the Uno Dynasty Edit

The freshmen with iPhones started playing crazy 8s or whatever it's called, then they stopped playing Uno and just get loud and annoying these days. I miss the old times.

Return? Edit

they play uno again but it's not as intense anymore because Dimond doesn't like intensity in her room during power hour