The twelfth grades at West Shore have endured two more years at this school than most other high schools in the area, assuming they started as sevvies. This means that they have no willpower left to work, however it also allows them to do anything freely because the teachers love them. With the combined traits, seniors take college-level classes with college-level habits, but receive the benefit of being the oldest in school instead of the youngest in university.

True Facts Edit

  • They will always win Powder Puff. Juniors, stop complaining. You'll win it next year.
  • Even if a front parking spot isn't reserved for a specific senior, they will expect that juniors don't take them.
  • Drinking the blood of a senior gives one immense power, with the downside of so much lethargy one cannot be bothered to use it.
  • "At least we tried" perfectly embodies senior class. Your class will not top it.
  • Senior project wouldn't be hard if they weren't seniors.

Señor Class Sayings Edit

These range from powder puff taunts to class mottos. Please do not put anything here from classes that aren't yet seniors.

L33tspeak Edit

  • Sen10rs
  • SeXI
  • SV14G (swag)
  • You can't touch th15
  • L17
  • 1-8 Dominate!
  • 1-8 ur mom gay!

Mottos/Chants Edit

  • At least we tried
  • Juniors drool, seniors juul