The despot of music and theater. Most students who have her like her for one reason or another. Orchestra kids are mostly just grateful that she lets some of their shenanigans slide (or doesn't care enough to notice) and can plan field trips (though getting everyone in order is a challenge no matter what), but thespians revolve around her like satellites. Every other year she puts together a trip to Broadway on which anyone can go.

She keeps a fridge, microwave, and various perishables in her room. Many a starving child on tech week has been saved by these and many a party has been thrown with chilled beverages.

Moral Alignment Edit

True Neutral

Hobbies Edit

  • Theater
  • Musical theater
  • Play readings
  • Avoiding batons
  • Letting orchestras listen to each other to play as an ensemble (AKA not conducting)
  • Singing at school concerts because why not
  • Collecting artifacts of past school productions
  • Accepting flowers
  • Holding violin and cello bows by the strings in her fist

Everyday Statements Edit

  • Turns around for one second: Manny starts plucking 'Up on The House Top' Ms. Fallon: Shut up Manny
  • We might not be taking everyone on the Disney trip because of their behavior....*Glares steadily at Manny, then moves her gaze to Tyler, then Carlos slowly (he left).