She's cool, fresh, and funky! Who else would you want teaching you the wonderful art of chemistry?

Unlike a vast majority of the West Shore staff, this Mrs. "Super C" Horst is still spring fresh and young, and has yet to have her soul sucked out by the stress of dealing with high schoolers. This probably due to her being a millenial. (She hates the title, but what other age group would use eco friendly diapers?) Rumor has it that when that happens, the earth will be catapulted into another Dark Age, but only time will tell... Catch her in the Chem lab drinking Dr. Pepper or tea. Organic of course.

During the 2015-16 school year, she was pregnant with what to be revealed as a baby boy NOT the Antichrist as a student whom shall not be name (Hint: he's on the student list... Name starts with an R). Near the very end of the year, she gave birth and named her baby Zander. According to her, he is bald and skinny.


"Do you want to do acids on Friday?"

"Plug and Chug" all Pre-calc students yell "you mean substitute"

Fun Facts! Edit

  • She is an alumni of Bayside and Southwest.
  • She worships the ground Mrs. Mccormick walks on.
  • She will do Show and Tells when you least want it so do your work.