Wow, where does one even begin? Mrs.Troutman is the newest history teacher at West Shore. She is known for being the least sexist and racist teacher to ever walk the earth. She teaches history as it is, with absolutely no added opinions. Her teaching style is one that follows the book pretty closely for easy studying and her test questions never leave any room for discrepancy. Mrs.Troutman is a practicing pacifist and is outspoken when it comes to her hate for war and death. A few students started a game where they take fake shots every time Mrs.Troutman says "ISIS", good thing the shots weren't real or those students would be dead. After all Mid-course exams are over, Mrs.Troutman will be leaving West Shore and she will be replaced by the not-so-loved, Mr. Mead. This is because her husband has two types of cancer.

Quotes: Edit

  • "This country can't be racist or we wouldn't have elected a black president"
  • "ISIS"
  • "Women shouldn't be allowed to serve on Submarines because men will sexually assault them"
  • "Rugged individualism is a trait generally found in men . . . Social Darwinism tends to favor men"
  • ". . . black people are the only ones benefiting from Ferguson"
  • "Does anyone know why terrorists always say they will get 72 virgins when they die? Is that a Muslim thing?"
  • "War should be considered a sport"
  • "Why does nobody in this class seem to like wars???"