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A frequent West Shore Substitute, Mrs. Clark is known for her impressive height and extreme professionalism. Whenever Ms. Orton is away, you can be sure to find Mrs. Clark or Mrs. Black in her classroom.

Height Edit

Mrs. Clark is considered by many to be the tallest sub in all of West Shore, towering over the lankiest of teens. It is said that even Alan Joyner looks like a seventh grader when placed next to her.

Professionalism Edit

Okay so this is a subbing job, right? Casual or semi casual clothes should do the job, right? WRONG! You must always carry yourself in the highest standards, which means you must never be seen wearing clothing you wouldn't see on a Swiss banker and you must always talk very slowly and over articulate yourself. God knows West Shore kids hold subs to the highest regard. If you are feeling especially professional you can clasp your hands in front of your crotch for added effect.