An example from the physics pun god

Student: How's it going?
Krehbiel: According to Newton's Laws.
The legend who taught physics at West Shore along with Mrs. Krehbiel. He has an unsusal obsession with panda bears, but then again who doesn't? Mr. Krehbiel also possesses the ability to make physics puns out of anything and everything.

He left the school along with his wife to pursue other endeavors, and is now still found occasionally subbing for various teachers.


He often attempted to engage students, whom are old enough that one can safely interact with them. Often swapped between regular and AP physics. Khehbiel is known to have taught classes so well that everyone earned over one hundred percent all the time. [citation needed] 


His tests were described as hard solely because he said that if his students didn't, he would make them harder and lower the average below a two hundred.[citation needed]

Rap God Edit

In the 2014 - 2015 school year, Mr. Krehbiel was challanged to a rap battle by Jared Muzzone, and much to the class's chagrin, he accepted. Here is the video on Jeremy Gluck's Youtube channel.
Mr Krehbiel Rap Battle

Mr Krehbiel Rap Battle