An adorable little man with green hair and orange skin who teaches all levels of graphic design. He's one of the better teachers because you'll never have him for a stressful class (unless you take AP, in which case it will be both one of the more difficult but most fun and rewarding classes you can take). He often informs students of upcoming art competitions which they can either enter for fun or enter because it's mandatory.



His likeness is forever preserved in his secret militia of Finchy-Wonkas and Finchaloompas across the campus. Legend has it the last known one is in the hands of Al-qaeda. The question is, who put them there and why are they on our campus?

Quotes Edit

  • "It's a solid 'C'."
  • "That's so bizarre!"
  • "By the way it's due today"
  • "You'll be an AP student"
  • "Hm, well..."
  • "You can get [adobe program] for free by downloading [gimp or other inferior program]"
  • "Wow that's great! *gives a 90*"
  • "I don't like this, I love it!"
  • "Guys I've been telling you about this assignment for weeks"
  • "Save your stuff"
  • "looks like cheese"
  • "[student name here] I want to tear out my eyes."
  • "Don't forget your flash drive!"
  • "Come on down to the Land of Creativity"
  • "This is terrible"