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On certain sections of the West Shore walls an ethereal graffiti can be spotted. The legend goes that an ill guided senior went too far with his senior prank and graffiti-ed the walls. The paint had a corrosive effect and wore little bubbles into the wall, so the remains of the graffiti can be seen forever.

Factual story Edit

One class decided to graffiti the walls for senior prank, this was deemed unacceptable by administration who decided to remove it via sand blasted. However they only sand blasted the parts with paint on them so anyone can still see the graffiti and its message if they look closely.

Locations Edit

(will add as I find them)

  • The hallway between the locker room and the band room.
  • building 3 upstairs
  • the wall in front of the girls' locker room facing the gym
  • Smaller ones scattered throughout the campus