Homecoming occurs sometime in late September or early October and is open to all high school students, plus out of school guests with an invitation. Many people skip the West Shore homecoming in favor of another school's better-funded event or staying at home watching anime, but the turnout is still usually 400+. Glowsticks are mandatory.

No one really cares about the court, even the ones elected. Some kids just sit at the tables reflecting on life and the human need for entertainment (go back to English you nerd) while others grind leave room for Jesus on the dance floor in the large crowd. Most students are more open to mingling outside their squad, due to raised dopamine and endorphin levels from friendship/romance and dancing, respectively.

2014 Edit

There was a chocolate fountain which is really all you need to know to infer how dope it was.

2015 Edit

It was really red, I guess.

2016 Edit

No funding. There was a big moon lantern on the ceiling, which was pretty neat, but the main decoration was the fog that went into the crowd. Kids made dancing rings, as always, and flipped water bottles (illegally). Surprising lack of line dancing. Dabbing was a thing.

2017 Edit

The theme was "around the world." The whole thing was pretty trash, but at least there was good this time. The seniors contributed to the playlist, so the dance wrapped up with Africa by Toto. I was hella lonely.