Housing a single basketball court, a weight room, more weights, some wall pegs, and a closet full of things with which to modify the basketball court, the West Shore Gymnasium is a shining example of the school's commitment to do the most possible with the least amount of materials. This is the room for sevvies, eighth grators, and upperclassmen in HOPE to take refuge in when it's too hot it's never too hot or too cold (read: 60F) to go outside, or when they have an indoor sports unit.

Things to Do in the Gym Edit

  • Attempt to do the wall peg thing
  • Pretend that 5 reps on the uppy-down leg thing counts as weightlifting
  • Play half-court basketball minigames
  • Play badminton and pretend because it makes you swole
  • Fling a huge soccer ball around while rolling on scooter seats about once
  • Play ping-pong in order to seem cool
  • Practice war strategy in dodgeball Ellerball
  • Sit on the gymnastics mat and whine about how much exercise sucks
  • Chat with the teacher to avoid actually exercising