No digital copy of the legendary "Finchy-Wonka" exists. Here is a digital rendition of "Foonchaloompa" by the same student.


Finchy-Wonkas are the tiny pasted images of Mr. Finch photoshopped as the original Willy Wonka that have been placed around the graphics design room. They are incredibly tiny and have been hidden around the class. There is an estimate of 5 left.

The person who placed these mysterious Finchy-Wonkas around the classroom no longer attends West Shore, and has moved on to doing way cooler pranks like pasting tiny images of the President photoshopped as the President around the White House. Her legacy lives on however, in the hearts of Mr. Finch's graphics design students.

Locations of the Finchy-Wonkas Edit

  • Underneath the miniature American flag hanging underneath the TV stand
  • On a metal covered electrical panel on the eastern wall, low to the ground
  • On a metal covered electrical panel above the first computer at the desk by the door, on the wall
  • Long ago, there was one underneath Mr. Finch's mug. Apparently Mr. Finch does not wash his mugs often, because the Finchy-Wonka remained in that spot for 3 days straight.
  • There has been one found in Miss Deel's plant pots.
  • Under the doc cam cabinet, on the inside of the left cabinet door (now removed).
  • Under a shelf by the 630 (black and white) printer
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