Live reaction of an average student checking "Edline"

Edline is a website that allows teachers to communicate grades, assignments, and resources with parents and students. Which actually sounds like a pretty cool idea at first. As of October 2018, it has been replaced with Focus.


Edline is a wonderful teaching tool. It lets you go online and check your grades anytime you want, making it easier than ever to keep track of how you're doing.

Also, if you're ever on facebook or some other site while you're supposed to be doing your homework, you can keep edline open in another tab so that you can pretend to be looking something up.

The DownsideEdit

Remember that quiz you got a 62 on, and decided not to tell your parents about? Not anymore. Now parents have a direct link to your grades, able to monitor your performance whenever they want. And believe me, they will.

While this is undeniably useful sometimes (for instance, if you're failing a class and seriously need help), more often than not it just gets you grounded for the weekend because you forgot one of your twenty math homework assignments and now your grade is down to a *gasp* 95.

Inversely, when you want to check your grades to see if your last test was a godsend that brought you to an 89.5, the teacher will invariably not update edline for the next two weeks.


  • Go to on all of your computers and then edline will be inaccessible from them.
  • Delete system32 from your PC, it'll make it impossible for your parents to access edline.
  • Actually get good grades.