The legend of Dankmeme is a tale of strength and woe. We will attempt to chronicle his legacy.


At the first annual Super Smash Bros tournament, Ben Velie aka Big Dog McBenizzle broke the rule of not naming characters (put in place in order to save time), making Player 3 into DANKMEME - a velie bad name. From this point, the holder of the title was destined to have a glorious victory or a crushing defeat.

A challenger AppearsEdit

In the second round, someone found the name "Booty" in the previous names and applied it to Player 1. All his deaths were spectacularly bad.

It is speculated that "Booty" was created by Lucas Issitt in a previous match.


In a truly spectacular turn of events, Booty snagged a surprise victory that had nothing to due with the skill of the players involved.

Bootythe conqueror

Year 2: Electric BoogalooEdit

The tourney was split into three games. Thus on all the screens, Orange, Green, and Central, people were able to type names due to a slower pace. However, these names could not be transferred to the large screen and they weren't as funny. Samples of these names were:

  • PORK
  • OK
  • BootY ( an imposter )
  • JetFuel ( and JETFUEL )
  • LONK ( and Ton Lunk )
  • Pookachu

As one can expect, the name limit was reached.

Booty made a reappearance on the Green screen, probably being the same one from last year. DANKMEME as Marth also appeared on the Central screen, but he didn't fufill his destiny.